Monday, March 31, 2008

Chapter One

Hello, my name is Alyson.

This is the part where I'm supposed to describe myself. I suppose I could follow my own blog theme by starting out like this...

Once upon a time there was a girl named Alyson who lived in a land far far away known as England. She called a small run down flat home. She lived there with her prince charming John and their spoiled little Rottweiler dragon, Geordie.

I even have the perfect evil villains for that story, but see that doesn't describe me. Plus, there would be too much background information for that story. Where would I tell you that I haven't always lived in England? Or how would I tell you about my family? Family doesn't play much of a part in fairy tales but my family play a huge role in my story.

I love writing horror stories, so I suppose maybe a scary tale would work better as an introduction? I know I have enough unpleasant and frightening experiences to make it a worth-while one, but why would I want to make that the prologue? Plus, where would my love for cooking fit in a scary story?

A love story, yes I could quite happily make that my intro. I'd tell you all about how John and I were soulmates from the beginning, how we had to move Heaven and Earth to be together, how we'll be together until The End. However, I do not feel that's a story that should be told at first meeting.

So I shall start it simple.

Hello, my name is Alyson.

If we were to meet in person, that's all I would say. You'd tell me your name, we'd shake hands, and we'd go from there. We might develop a friendship and over time we'd know all of each other's stories. I guess that's how it'll be here, only you are a quiet friend and I'll be the talkative one. I'll slowly but surely open up to you and tell you all about myself. Some things I'm sure you'll like, while other things you won't. But it will be me and my story.