Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pardon Me, but You Seem to be a Cow

Here’s another meal freebie. July 8, 2011 is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A!

“Join us July 8, 2011 at any Chick-fil-A Restaurant

Come dressed like a cow from head to hoof and we’ll reward you with a FREE meal. (If you’re a little chicken, don’t worry, a partial costume still receives a free entrĂ©e.) And calves in costumes get free meals too; so bring in the whole herd for some family fun.”

Check out the details here.

What a fun way to snag a free meal! Sadly, there is no Chick-fil-A around here either so I can’t join in on all the crazyness. Too bad, that place rocks!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bath and Body Works Freebie

If you happen to have a Bath and Body Works near you, here's an awesome coupon to score a freebie!

Check out their facebook page for more detail....

Or print out this coupon

This freebie is for today only so hurry on over!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sad Day to be a Yankee

Living out in the boonies has its advantages and its disadvantages. While scouring the internet for coupons, I run into many disadvantages. Today’s heart break: no Panda Express for miles and miles.

While some people have beef with Panda Express (or chicken…haha I crack me up!), I love it! And for my fellow lovers of fast food Chinese, here is a deliciously enticing deal:

I’m pretty sure all you have to do is print off this coupon (pictured above or found here) and bring it in for your tasty midnight snack. Just check to see if your local Panda Express has these extended Summer Hours.

I’m thoroughly jealous of all of you who get to cash in on this free meal. Bon Appetite!

Monday, June 20, 2011

This week my Dollar General was running a sale on Glade Starter kits. They are $9 regular price but the DG had them down to $6. Normally, that would be an alright deal, but not enough to make me come-a-runnin’. However, I noticed that a couple of the kits had peelie coupons on them for $3 off! Now that’s a worth-while deal…but hang on to your hats folks because there’s more!

Last Saturday, my DG was having their Super Saturday Sale…aka $5 off a purchase of $25 or more. YAY!! I bought four of those bad boys! (There’s only three pictured because as soon as I got home I plugged one into my bedroom.) I also needed toilet paper so I went ahead and snagged a package of that, which helped bring my total over the $25 needed for the sale.

Let’s break it down now:

Glade Plug In Starter Kits - $9 regular price at Dollar General (These things are awesome! They come with a plug in and two separate scent oils)

Sale: Glade Plug In Starter Kits - $6 each

Used Coupon: $5 of $25 Dollar General Saturday Sale

Used Coupon: $3 off Glade Peelie that was attached to some of the boxes

Bought: 4 X Glade Plug In Start up Kits and 1 X pack of toilet paper.

Note: I let the cashier scan all of my items first…before coupons. So my Glades rang up at the $6 sale price. Then I handed her the $5 OFF COUPON BEFORE my peelies, otherwise the Super Saturday coupon wouldn’t have worked. Then I handed her the peelies.

Paid: $14.86 for the entire purchase including tax!

Now even to me that’s kind of confusing so let me see if we can double down the break down.

Glade Plug In: $6 each before coupon X 4 that I bought = $24 before tax

24 pack of tp = $5.50 before tax

Total before coupons = $29.50 + 8% tax here in NY = $31.86

$31.86 - $5 coupon = $26.86 - $12 (4 coupons at $3 each) in Glade coupons = $14.86

So if we subtract what I paid for tp and divide by 4, I paid roughly $2 .34 for each Glade Start Up Kit! How awesome is that?!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Could Be Better Than Free...

Today’s score was better than free! I actually made money with my purchase.

Go to the travel size section of your Walmart store. Find these little $0.97 Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste boxes and grab two. If you printed off your coupon at you will make $0.03 a box. Now give yourself a high five for earning a whole $0.06 and scoring two free toothpastes!

Break Down:

Aquafresh Extreme Clean Travel Size - $0.97 regular price at Walmart

Used Coupon: $1 off any Aquafresh Extreme Clean ( allows for two printings per computer.)

Paid: Earned +$0.03 a box for a total of $0.06.

Now Walmart’s coupon policy does allow for either cash back or you can take your earnings and put them towards your other purchases (which is what I did). I had no trouble at all. However, it might be wise to print off Walmart’s Coupon Policy in case you happen to run into trouble.

Note: Click the Aquafresh link and scroll down the page to find the correct coupon. There are several different coupons on the site and you want to make sure you print off the right one.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Why Not Me?

I’ve always been intrigued by people who coupon. I’m especially curious when customers come through my check-out line with a handful of coupons and I see their totals shrink dramatically. I always think “Why not me?!”

So, why not me? I always thought couponing would be time consuming and not worth the hassle. However, I ended up scoring a couple free Sunday papers from work last week so decided to give it a try.

I noticed a coupon in RedPlum (6/5) for $2 off 1 Nivea Body Wash for Men. My husband uses Nivea so right away I was excited for saving just $2. However, since we were going to Target I wanted to check out their online coupons to see if I could score more deals. Low and behold Target had a coupon for $1 off Nivea Body Wash! YAY!

I quickly checked out Targets coupon policy online and they do, in fact, take one manufacture’s coupon (my RedPlum coupon) and one Target coupon per item.

Here’s how my first coupon adventure broke down:

Nivea Body Wash for Men - $3.04 at Target regular price (your Target prices may vary from mine)

Used Coupon: $2/1 Nivea Body Wash for Men from 6/5 RedPlum ad

Used Coupon: $1/ 1 Nivea Body Wash from

Paid: $0.20 (that includes my tax) for a 16.9 fl oz bottle!

I snagged four of those bad boys! So overall I paid $0.80 for 67.6 fl oz of body wash and it only took a couple minutes of my time! I instantly fell in love with coupons and now there’s no turning back. I’m a coupon-er for life. I’ll try my best to document my savings and I’ll try like heck to break down how I saved and pass said savings along to you.

I should be honest with you though. It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. I had to do them in four separate transactions (technically, Target didn’t tell me this. I did it of my own free will because I was nervous and didn’t want the Target people to yell at me; which was silly of me because they were fantastically nice). I also had to tell the cashiers that the Nivea price tag read $3.04 instead of the $3.99 which it rang up as. They, of course, changed it right away without even blinking an eye.