Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Could Be Better Than Free...

Today’s score was better than free! I actually made money with my purchase.

Go to the travel size section of your Walmart store. Find these little $0.97 Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste boxes and grab two. If you printed off your coupon at you will make $0.03 a box. Now give yourself a high five for earning a whole $0.06 and scoring two free toothpastes!

Break Down:

Aquafresh Extreme Clean Travel Size - $0.97 regular price at Walmart

Used Coupon: $1 off any Aquafresh Extreme Clean ( allows for two printings per computer.)

Paid: Earned +$0.03 a box for a total of $0.06.

Now Walmart’s coupon policy does allow for either cash back or you can take your earnings and put them towards your other purchases (which is what I did). I had no trouble at all. However, it might be wise to print off Walmart’s Coupon Policy in case you happen to run into trouble.

Note: Click the Aquafresh link and scroll down the page to find the correct coupon. There are several different coupons on the site and you want to make sure you print off the right one.

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