Monday, June 20, 2011

This week my Dollar General was running a sale on Glade Starter kits. They are $9 regular price but the DG had them down to $6. Normally, that would be an alright deal, but not enough to make me come-a-runnin’. However, I noticed that a couple of the kits had peelie coupons on them for $3 off! Now that’s a worth-while deal…but hang on to your hats folks because there’s more!

Last Saturday, my DG was having their Super Saturday Sale…aka $5 off a purchase of $25 or more. YAY!! I bought four of those bad boys! (There’s only three pictured because as soon as I got home I plugged one into my bedroom.) I also needed toilet paper so I went ahead and snagged a package of that, which helped bring my total over the $25 needed for the sale.

Let’s break it down now:

Glade Plug In Starter Kits - $9 regular price at Dollar General (These things are awesome! They come with a plug in and two separate scent oils)

Sale: Glade Plug In Starter Kits - $6 each

Used Coupon: $5 of $25 Dollar General Saturday Sale

Used Coupon: $3 off Glade Peelie that was attached to some of the boxes

Bought: 4 X Glade Plug In Start up Kits and 1 X pack of toilet paper.

Note: I let the cashier scan all of my items first…before coupons. So my Glades rang up at the $6 sale price. Then I handed her the $5 OFF COUPON BEFORE my peelies, otherwise the Super Saturday coupon wouldn’t have worked. Then I handed her the peelies.

Paid: $14.86 for the entire purchase including tax!

Now even to me that’s kind of confusing so let me see if we can double down the break down.

Glade Plug In: $6 each before coupon X 4 that I bought = $24 before tax

24 pack of tp = $5.50 before tax

Total before coupons = $29.50 + 8% tax here in NY = $31.86

$31.86 - $5 coupon = $26.86 - $12 (4 coupons at $3 each) in Glade coupons = $14.86

So if we subtract what I paid for tp and divide by 4, I paid roughly $2 .34 for each Glade Start Up Kit! How awesome is that?!

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