Thursday, June 26, 2008

To ease the memory of John’s stinky socks.

When I started this blog I had full intentions of annoying my readers with a bombardment of post after post. However, one tiny little move out of country and that objective goes up in smoke. Well, I stand (well technically I sit…quite comfortably) here in front of my computer screen today to tell you my aim is true! I will try like a mad woman to post all of my happenings from here on out! The good, the bad, and the ugly, you shall all know the occurrences of my life. I pray for your sanity for I have lost all hope for mine.

It’s been quite an eventful start of summer! John has only been to America once during Christmas time so everyone was so excited to show him a proper summer. We’ve been camping, had at least 10 BBQs, and been in the pool as much as humanly possible. We’ve done the late night ice cream runs, the early morning garage sales, and the mid-day vegges (a vegg, for those of you who may not know, is when you sit on the couch with the AC on full blast and the shades drawn. You vegg because it’s too hot to move). He’s experienced the 118-degree weather and I’ve been there with a big HAHA and a loving hand to push him into the pool. It’s been great!

Moving on to New York; quite simply, we are not yet. I guess all I can say for that is God has other plans for us right now. New York hasn’t been forgotten about but it’s been put on the back burner. I’m not sure when we’ll get there, but it won’t be til at least October. My mom might head on over there sooner or she might give up on it completely. Her choice. All I know for sure is John and I will be New Yorkers one day. It may be 10 years from now or (fingers crossed) it may be before Christmas. John has to go back to England for 3 months because it’s illegal for him to stay in the U.S. for more than 90 days. I’ll wait it out at my dad’s house in Phoenix until he comes back home.

My oldest sister, Lindsey, is getting married! Her wedding is Oct 3rd of this year. My other sister Katie, my cousin Sarah, 3 of Lindsey’s friends, and myself will be her entourage. She’s full of wonderful ideas; it’s going to be a beautiful wedding and reception.

I finally got to meet my nephew, Davin! He’s just as cute as could be. At 5 months he’s already got the world wrapped around his tiny pudgy fingers. He’s got car door ears that you have no choice but to love and he smiles constantly! If he didn’t vomit on my shoulder the first day I met him, I may have considered stealing him.

It’s strange being back home. I didn’t realize how accustomed to England I became. I even sort of miss it now. It’s hard for oneself to be thrown from one world to another in so quick a fashion. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for my poor Geordie. Although, I have to hand it to all of my dogs, they have been a million times better than I thought they would be. There are still a few scuffles every now and again but for the most part, they seem to be getting along.

My bed has begun to whisper sweet slumbering words. I shall answer it’s call and save the rest of my tales for another morn.


LadyJayPee said...

Oh goodie, we get to hear the tales from Alyson's Wonderland. So good to hear from you again!

GrannyLooHoo said...

Alyson don't worry about praying for my sanity--it's a lost cause! Glad you're back...

HoneyB said...

Great that your back! Congrats to your sister on her upcoming wedding! I'll look forward to your postings!