Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Fresh Start

Yes, yes. I know I have been the worst blogger in the entire universe. I know this, you know this, now let’s put it behind us. I know I’m already forgotten it.

Now I originally intended this to be a cooking blog with the occasional “life story” thrown in. However, it’s quite difficult to blog about cooking when you do not have your own kitchen. I’ve been living in several different places the last few years and all of my amazing cooking gadgets are either packed in boxes in New York or packed in boxes in England. Now that I’m in a place that I’d assume I’ll be for at least a year, you’d think I could finally get down to it and cook, cook, cook. You’d be mistaken. The house I’m in now has no oven…you heard me right…no oven. The man who built the house decided that he no longer needed an oven and would be content with just a microwave and stove-top. Yeah, it’s complete madness I know.

Anyway, I miss the blogosphere too much to stay away any longer. I’m now going to blog about whatever I want! Neener, neener, neener!

I pick movies! I adore movies. Scary movies, funny movies, bad movies, good movies. I’m constantly on the hunt for movies. I always thought it would be so neat to be a Movie Reviewer, and now I get to be one (for the few remaining readers I have).

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Tina@SignificantHarmony said...

Love your neener neener comment! Too awesome!